Land of the White Sand Beaches PR!!

By: Marlena Rose Garcia

Why go to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico a.k.a PR is a beautiful Caribbean island with white sandbeaches that make you think your in heaven. The water there is warm and soft. The waves softly push onto your feet making you feel amazing and so relaxed. They have luxury beach side hotels where you can love the world, all in PR!!!

Know the Facts

"Puerto Rico is Spanish for rich port named by Christopher Columbus taking over the island on his second voyage. The natives were forced to slavery and suffering." But today puerto is a glowing equator island . :)

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A Hispanic Culture

Puerto Rico is a postcard island. Most people look at our culture and say waht the heck! But it has secrets behind it. The culture goes back to ancient Spain where salsa dancing is it's king and water is queen. They say even if your born as a zodiac earth sign Puerto Rico you are a water sign.

Rosie Perez once said that "You may not have been born in PR but you have PR in you."

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The El Convento and Getting There! :)

Getting to Puerto Rico and your hotel is the tricky part. I suggest booking a flight like these. "To get to PR you can try An American Airlines flight, paying $581 dollars from a one stop flight and a about day long layover" so I suggest staying in a hotel overnight.

Getting back is a bit of a nightmare to "but for the same price of $581 dollars a also one stop flight on United" is pretty simple.

Your entire trip (If you stay at a luxury hotel) should cost about 1,250 per night, for all 4 days plus food costs and all should cost about $6493!!! :)!

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What will you do in PR?

Seaside Surfing

Surf by the sea at the many white sand beaches in PR. Wind surf to get your adrenaline pumping hard or relax in the calm ocean tide. Best part it's free even the equipment! As Bruce Forsyth once said In Pr you can be as loud or as shy as you want!

Dramatic Theater

"See wonderful cultural theater that will create a passion for the theater and all the plays that go on. It's only $100 for 3 people!"

Land of History

"Puerto Rico has lots of history and old San Juan is just the beginning!" There is an old style Spanish cultural ever since Columbus claimed it on his second voyage to the new world! "And it's only $3 per person!"

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Puerto Rico is a special island to me and many people. Chita Rivera once said that "Your bones tingle when you step on the sand.

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Sticky Situations :(!

Although PR is a wonderful island bad things can happen. As a traveler to PR I recommend that you don't bring any gum! It will stick to everything and make a gooey, glob mess! DO NOT BRING GUM!!! There is only one solution to the problem is to not keep gum in your purse or bag for more than a hour and to keep in well ventilated places and eat a few of the gum pieces on the first day. :)

An amazing aerial map view of the island!

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One more thing...

If you are born in PR you feel special and different Roselyn Sanchez once said "If your born in PR you will have a special connection to those around you."

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After writing so much about Puerto Rico I feel more connected to where me and my parents came from and who were going to be. I think this flyer has helped me be more connected and know more about where I'm from!

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