Weekly Highlights

October 12 - 16

Working Together

The past week has been filled with much devastation for parts of our state. Although the news has been bad, the reports are filled with wonderful stories of people helping strangers. Let's remember that as we complete our daily tasks as educators, the work is difficult to do alone - we must work together.

Monday, October 12

  • Teacher Work Day/Conference Day

Tuesday, October 13

  • Cox's class to Brattonsville
  • 5th Grade Team Planning Day
  • Literacy PLC Meeting 12:40
  • Read to Succeed Class 2:45

Wednesday, October 14

  • Parent Partners 8:00 - 10:30

Thursday, October 15

  • Principal's meeting - Beard
  • Marshall's Class to Brattonsville
  • Make-up Picture Day!
  • Derek will be here to assist you with any issues!

Friday, October 16

  • 2nd Grade Team Planning Day

"We want to create a school where students, staff, and parents are beating down the doors to get in...not out!"