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April Newsletter

It could be a long spring . . .

. . . but can we really put the snowblowers away now?

It's still the third quarter and students are seeing sunshine and greening grass. We're all so beat up from those last 2 months of winter it will be a challenge to keep them focused on school. 46 days left (39 for seniors) so there is lots of learning to get through. Teachers are very concerned about the attitudes and attention spans of the students in late May and early June. We all need to maintain our high expectations for students so as not to exacerbate the "spring slide."

Parents can support learning by maintaining sleep schedules, homework times, and minimize the intrusion of little leagues and other endeavors this spring. Lets FINISH STRONG!


As we all know, the weather this winter has put a lot of people in difficult situations. I'd like to take a minute to recognize some of the folks that helped us all keep going this winter, and that's the NFV bus drivers. Most of us who travel the blacktops and highways around Fayette and Clayton County did not experience the worst of the roads. On many of the days, especially during the recent thaw and rain that closed many county roads this past month, our drivers did a wonderful job of keeping our students safe on the road and out of the ditches. They spent extra hours in contacting parents to arrange pick up points or just in making that difficult decision of which of their clients they would have to skip. When we did go out on some of these days, they were bucking drifts or packed ice with rain, or deep ruts in the mud. All the while keeping your kids safe, Thanks to the NFV drivers!.

They aren't the only superheroes this winter though, the battle of snow and ice at our schools and parking lots put pressure on our custodians and our snow plowing crew from SuperLandscapes. Some times we didn't keep up. We did our best to keep up with safety measures but towards the end we still had some treacherous real estate around our buildings. I don't know how much sand was spread around town this year, but it seemed to never be enough.

I'd like to also give a shout out to the county crews on the roads in the early mornings. We were always in touch with the county to measure the condition of the roads. Our parents who responded to the calls of "no bus today" and still got their students to school, we Thank You! It was a big inconvenience on those days and you demonstrated a commitment to education with your great response. In all, it was a challenge for everyone, and our greatest respect goes out to these superheroes #NFVPride.

Washington D.C. Trip

We are proud to be able to provide travel opportunities to our students. We have Spanish students experience the Culture of Costa Rica, we have the German exchange, where around 20 students fly to Uberlingen Germany for two weeks in June, and a number of activity trips, such as FFA conventions, Music Trips every 4 years, and Chicago for Math and Science Seniors annually.

To that list we are adding an 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C. Many of our neighboring schools have been doing this trip and the experiences they report have lasted a lifetime. Its time to get our NFV 8th graders to D.C. This years 7th graders are now preparing for a trip in March of 2020. These students will see Gettysburg battle field, Arlington cemetery, and many of the museums and historical buildings of our nations capital over a 7 day bus trip. Learning experiences will occur on the bus and the educational opportunities should be very rewarding.

A series of Fund Raising efforts to offset the costs are underway, however the biggest chunk of the financial burden will fall to the parents. We want every 8th grader who wants to go to have the opportunity. That means some of our families would be looking for money they don't have. My hope is that our community supports these fund raisers on behalf of their learning and not only makes the trip affordable for many, but also, so that we can create some scholarships of sorts to help those with proven financial need. Please support any DC trip fund raising and support NFV Schools in providing this outstanding educational experience.

NFV Tigerhawk Pride

We had some great performances in music and speech this spring:

Three Tigerhawks who were invited to perform at the All-State speech Festival were Chloe Cummings, Grace Blanchard, and Bethany Merkle, that honor goes to the best of the best, Great Job Girls!

Saturday at the solos and ensemble state contests, Claire Halverson and Trenton Clausen received "Best of Center" recognition. Congratulations Trenton and Claire!