Tiananmen Square Massacre -1989

1000's of civilians killed trying to protest around China

Change in Economy?

The change in Economy angered the Rural protesters of China. They Protested all around China. China responded by bringing the military and tanks to kill the civilians. The student civilians were only protested for democracy. The Chinese changed China into a market- based economy which also angered farmers because it lowers the value of their crops even more. In the end Thousands of students were killed. This made a huge impact on the world and was a huge deal back then.

How was this a Change Maker

This was a huge change maker, because all of the other countries were not happy when China did this. China killed thousands of unarmed civilians. they ran them over with tanks, shot them down, or even beat them to death. This isn't an everyday thing and partially because of this incident there are laws protecting every human's civil rights. Every person on this world deserves to be treated fairly.
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