Failure Is Not An Option

"We Gotta Get it!"

Summary of the Area

Concept and attitude that drives the way we teach students that focuses on mastery and not a grade. It drives our instruction, assessment, & basis of the school in general. Teachers are responsible for creating meaningful, relevant, & engaging instruction.

Trends in Perceptions of CECHS Staff

The largest trend is a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means or simply a lack of experience! We believe majority of the responsibility is the teachers', it must be consistent, emphasizes mastery, must have structure, & differentiate for individual students. It can strengthen or weaken student responsibility depending on how we implement it in the classroom. Students must understand school definition in order to be successful.

Goals to Help Us Reach New Paradigms

1. Develop common understanding (re-visit book as a study)

2. Buy-In from ALL staff

3. Create a plan

4. Follow through!

5. Change way we communicate 'Failure is not an Option' with parents & students

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