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August 26, 2022

Important Dates

Monday, September 5

No school - Labor Day

Thursday, September 8

WB/GG PTA Meeting at Westbrook - 9:00AM

Westbrook Curriculum Night - 6:30PM-7:30PM

Monday September 19

Picture Day - SMILE

Westbrook Ribbon Cutting Event - 5:00 PM

Board of education meeting - 7:30

Friday, September 23

No School - Institute Day

Monday, September 26

No School -Rosh Hashanah

Message from the Principal

Dear Westbrook Families,

We have had a wonderful start to the 2022-2023 school year here at Westbrook. For the first time in Westbrook history, we started all of our preschool, full day kindergarten, first and second grade students all on the same day! This is a huge accomplishment and worth celebrating! It was beyond exciting to see all of our student show up on day one!

Thank you to all of our families for your continued patience as we work through our arrival and dismissal procedures. I have shared a few key points for all families that drop off and pick up students below. With your help, we know that this process will continue to move quicker while keeping safety of our students as the number one priority.

Please know that the entire Westbrook parking lot will be closed this weekend as exterior construction will be taking place. The work taking place will include final concrete installments, final layer of asphalt and striping as well as the last parts of landscaping. Again, thank you for your patience as we know some of the walking paths and sidewalks have been impacted over the last few days. We are almost there!

Please know that we value your partnership in your students' education. If you ever have a question or concern, please reach out. We are here to help!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Patrick Hoeft


Updates to Traffic Pattern

We have now experienced two days worth of arrival and dismissal at Westbrook. While we know that this is new for everyone here are a few key pointers that will continue to keep students and families safe while being as efficient as possible.

Key Points

  • All parents/guardians, please stay in your vehicle. If students need help exiting the vehicle a staff member will assist you.
  • Please pull up to the designated drop off signs when possible. We need to ensure enough space for all vehicles. Staff will meet you at your car.
  • Students should exit out of the passenger side door. This is the BEST way to ensure student safety.
  • Please have students ready to exit the vehicle when pulling up to the drop off zone. This is a big help to be as efficient as possible.
  • Use a turn signal when changing lanes from our through lane to the drop off lane.
  • When entering the property, parent/guardian vehicles will stay to the left along the curb around the back of the building. Please stay left to allow buses to make their way through on the right side closest to the playground. THANK YOU!
  • Please use caution the entire time on school property.

We thank you for the extra caution, care and understanding as we have worked through this arrival. We look forward to a great year of arrivals and dismissals!

Safe Driving at Westbrook

Traffic Pattern for Drop Off/Pick Up

Please know that our number one priority at Westbrook is safety. This is also a priority during arrival and dismissal. Please drive slowly as students, families and staff are all learning our new traffic pattern together. Traffic will need to merge right to drop off/pick up and merge left to continue on the traffic pattern. Please use caution when merging in or out of the designated drop off areas.

All traffic will enter Westbrook at our North entrance between Westbrook and our Administration building. Traffic will move in a one way direction around the entire building for arrival and dismissal. Cars will stay to the left to make room for buses to enter the bus lane on the right. Please note that as you make your way towards the back of the building there is a bus route only right turn and a car route only slightly after our bus route. All cars will need to continue straight and take our car route around the building.

There are three designated drop off/pick up zones. The first drop off/pick up zone you will approach is for kindergarten students. The second drop off zone is for our preschool students. Both of these drop off zones are located parallel to Lake Ave. on the south side of the building. Our third drop off/pick up zone is for first and second grade students. This zone is located at the front of our building parallel to Greenwood Rd. All traffic will merge into one lane before taking a left to exit the property. There will be a traffic director and a stop sign at this location. Please follow the directions of the traffic director as they are located here to help alleviate congestion.

If you have students in multiple grades it is best to drop each student at their drop off zone.

If you need to drop off an item, pick up a student early or are here to visit you will park in the main lot closest to Greenwood Rd to enter the main office.

Please see the graphic below.

Big picture

Drill Days At Westbrook

All District 34 schools will meet the state requirements to hold fire, weather and lockdown drills this year. We have worked with the Glenview Police and Fire Departments to ensure the drills are run with our health and safety protocols in mind.

As a reminder, District 34 uses the “Lockdown with Options: Run, Hide, Fight” approach to school safety, which identifies options to be considered when responding to a school threat. This approach to an active intruder is endorsed by Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Like last year, lockdown drills will include discussions with students about what would happen in possible scenarios, presented in an age-appropriate way to ensure students understand the options available in responding to an intruder. Classrooms will not practice running or fighting at this time, and teachers will emphasize two key points:

  • Hiding remains the primary response in a lockdown

  • Students’ most important task is to follow directions from the trusted adults in their building

Our fall drills will be held in the upcoming weeks.

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