The Story of George Burroughs

by: Devon Hernandez

Who is George burroughs

George Burroughs role in the Salem witch hunt trials was that he was the first minister to be executed during the Salem witch trials. But before that he was a brave. Selfless, and overall good man. He had 5 children and had been widowed 3 times. He was executed in 1692.

Backround Information

Minutes before being arrested, George was the minister of Wells, Maine, and was having a nice dinner with his 5 children when his house was stormed by lawmen and placed him under arrest for witchcraft. Before he was the minister of Wells, Maine, George Burroughs was hired in 1680 as minister of Salem Village, Massachusetts, but he had left due to a dispute with the Putnam family, some say it was about money Burroughs owed to the Putnam family. Others believe it was because someone didn't have a large enough salary.

When it went downhill

One day the “afflicted” girl Ann Putnam Jr. had writhed in pain blaming it on George Burroughs say that the Devil “promised George Burroughs to be the king of hell if he got Ann Putnam Jr. to sign the Devil’s book”. The “afflicted” girl also claimed that George Burroughs had 2 wives before the most recent one, and had “died by his hand” telling Ann Putnam Jr. to “not let his crimes go unnoticed”. After his trial, although there were no witches marks on him the jury had sentenced him to execution. Standing upon the gallows on Witches hill, Salem August 19th, 1692, George Burroughs had recited the Lord’s Prayer with no error which was something a witch was not able to do. Afraid that if this way to tell a person from a witch could be wrong then so could the other ways. Reverend George Burroughs was hung anyway. That had set an uproar upon the people in the crowd saying that he was innocent.

Importance of George Burroughs to the Salem Witch Trials

The importance of this story was that since George Burroughs was a minister and he was executed, showed that anyone could be executed for witchcraft, brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, grandpa, grandma, husband, wife, or anyone could be a witch. Plus since he did what no witch could do, that had people thinking that since he could do that then anyone executed for being a witch could not have been a witch in the first place. George Burroughs had set a huge impact on the Salem witch trials when he was executed. George Burroughs should not be forgotten because he had such an impact on the trials and practically changed them forever.