Courage and Perseverance Work Beautifully Together

Does Courage Help With Persevering

I believe without even knowing, everyone asks themselves before persevering, "What can I do to start feeling determined?" Determination is a time consuming process that includes the most important quality that some people are afraid of. That quality is courage. First, people need courage to feel exhilarating emotions, such as determination and perseverance. Once one feels fearless, they'll be able to prove to everyone that you can do whatever you wish to with perseverance and courage. So to answer your question, you need to learn how to feel courageous in order to also feel more determined. For instance, if someone wants to continue to do something but is afraid to take the first step, they need to find courage in order to persevere and follow through with their plan. Also, bravery will teach you great lessons in life. These lessons consist of learning what you should and shouldn't be afraid of, learning when to be brave, and learning what to do in order to solve future problems. In conclusion, courage is important when you run into life's questions, need to know what to do when questioning yourself, and when you choose to stick with something and persevere. I think it's safe to say that courage and perseverance go together like you could never imagine.

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The Results of Persevering

Problems come and go all the time. You learn how to handle them along the way. There are many different ways to solve problems, but all of them include one basic quality, courage. Courage is the first thing you need to make sure you have in order to succeed at opportunities given to you. This corresponds with perseverance because you need courage to persevere. Once you've persevered, the outcomes are fascinating.

One result of persevering is receiving what you had wished for in the first place. Reasons why this can be the end result is because if you continue working for what you want, it's more likely you just might get it. Another impact from persevering can be learning from your experience. This means that if you learn the benefits of sticking to something, that could help you decide what to do when you find yourself running into other conflicts. Lastly, if you continue persevering, then one effect could be inspiring others around you. If you reach for your goals, that's setting a good example and hopefully many people will feel influenced by your smart choices.

All in all, persevering will bring you pleasant results in the end. But to persevere, you need courage. Courage is the first step to perseverance, so even though solving problems and sticking to something may be frightening, you need to be brave and courageous in order to succeed at what you wish.

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The First Step to Problem Solving

Solving issues on your own can be challenging. Sometimes they're easier to solve but at other times they're more difficult to solve. I believe no matter the situation, they always result in a reachable solution.

This is shown in the story When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. In the beginning of the story a new character is introduced. The problem is, he is an old homeless man who screams at no one and disturbs the neighborhood. One solution that was attempted was to simply ask the man what time it was. Miranda did just that to see how he would react. If he responded with the correct time, he was safe and kind. However, if he had answered with a disturbing response, then he most likely wasn't secure. This was a clever way of investigating more about the old man because he wouldn't have guessed that Miranda was up to something, he would've thought she was just wondering the time. As a result, the homeless man thought Miranda was harmless and gave her the correct time as a response.

Also in the story, Miranda and her Mother's apartment was broken into. This is a problem alone, but the real issue was that the home invader never touched anything. That was an issue because it left Miranda and her mother overwhelmed and cautious about everything. One solution is to get your locks changed to make sure no one else breaks into your home. Another dilemma is that once every week for the following months after the break-in, Miranda received multiple letters from an anonymous writer giving her subtle clues as to who it was who broke in. This led to a lot of confusion and discomfort for Miranda about being out-and-about. This can be solved with problem-solving. If you investigate more and inform the police, you'll be sure to find out who the invader was. All in all, every situation has a solution to it, it just depends on how determined you are to solve the problem.

As one can conclude, on the other side of every dilemma is a solution waiting to be found. Also, the first step to problem-solving is courage, as shown in the previous examples. Miranda needed courage to walk in public when she was afraid of the anonymous home invader, just like how she needed courage to approach the homeless man. So if you have a puzzle that you can't quite solve, courage is always the missing piece that brings it all together in the end.

Information from When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead.

Courage and How it Works

Have you ever been afraid of moving on? Well I can tell you what the first step is, courage. Courage is key for perseverance and/or resilience. Without courage you'd never be able to overcome adversities you've faced along the way. In the story Triple Fault by Jessica Burkhart, the main character Sasha deals with a series of unfortunate events.First, she finds out another girl, Heather, has decided to spread false lies about someone Sasha cares about. Next, a new student at the school arrives, becoming Sasha's new roommate. One problem, Sasha strongly dislikes her! Finally, Sasha's best friend, Callie, comes back from a trip to Europe, months after Callie was supposed to arrive home. Sasha uses her courage to stay strong and not explode from all the madness surrounding her. When given many opportunities to drop out of the boarding school, she keeps her head held high and perseveres to continue going to school there. In conclusion, courage is your first step to determination and resolution and will definitely be an option when you think you need it most.

Information from Triple Fault by Jessica Burkhart.

Courage and its Characteristics

Many things are alike. Two things that are alike would be the main character from two different books. The first character is Lee from Orphan Train Rider by by Andrea Warren. The other character is Calpurnia Tate from The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly. Both characters demonstrate being courageous. Lee shows courage and bravery by not giving up on him and his younger brother, Leo. When often rejected by multiple families, the brothers could have easily given up, ran away, disobeyed, the list goes on. But instead, they continuously tried to impress a family who was looking for boys their age to adopt. Calpurnia (Callie) also showed courage by constantly falling in love with her passion. In the story, Callie had an interest, a rather uncommon interest in nature and insects, and she was often excluded because of her hobbies. She could've bailed out and abandoned her devotion towards nature and insects. But she didn't. She was brave and decided to carry through with her favorite pastimes. All in all, both Lee and Callie are similar because they both demonstrated courage.

However, Lee and Callie are also quite different, despite their similarities. Lee showed his courage when he was afraid of what was happening. Callie showed her courage when she was afraid of what other people thought. The two characters both showed boldness, just at different times. Lee's courage was really needed when he used it because without his bravery, he and Leo could've ended up homeless on the streets. Callie's courage was important because if she had been so willing to give up, she would've discarded what makes her happy and she most likely wouldn't have experienced that special bond that she and her Grandfather created. In the end, despite the similarities both Lee and Callie share, they both are unique.

In conclusion, the main characters in Orphan Train Rider and The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, Lee and Callie, are both similar yet different. The two of them displayed courage and how it significantly helps with being more determined. As you can see, braveness will impact the life of you and/or others around you depending on how you use it and when you use it.

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