The Golden Age of Civilization

-Tristen Collins

The Golden Age of Greece.

Greece experienced a Golden Age, which was rich with art, music, books, philosophy, plays, dramas, education, games, military and government. The Golden Age was so rich with culture it still impacts the world today

Greece experiences a Growth in Art

The Greek built huge theaters which they had used to preform plays like drama. Those plays entered around cultural ideas like Tragedies, Comedies, and Romance.

Greek theater picture.

Sophocles- The most important playwright in the Golden Age. He wrote plays like Argonne and Oedipus. He was important as a Greek playwright and enhanced the Greek Culture through his work.

Picture of Sophocles

Greece Experienced a Golden Age in Agriculture

Acropolis- Many different temples that were built to the Greek Gods, the buildings were located in Athens.


Parthenon- A Greek temple located in the Acropolis, in Athens and it is to represented for the Greek goddess of Wisdom Athena.
Picture of Athena

Picture of the Parthenon

Greece experienced a Golden Age in Philosophy

Socrates (469-399 B.C.E)- A Famous Greek Philosopher that always had asked question and without him, history would've been very different. He is one of the few individuals who is so-shaped the culture and intellectual development in the world. He was also the teacher of Plato.

Picture of Socrates

Plato (427-347 B.C.E)- Another famous Greek Philosopher. Plato was the student of Socrates but the teacher of Aristotle, as well as a Famous Greek writer. Plato was mainly influenced by Socrates to write most of his books but he was also influenced by many other writers such as Heraclitus, Parmenides, and Pythagorean.

Picture of Plato

Plato´s Academy

Aristotle (367- 347 B.C.E)- Greek philosopher who was a student in Plato's Academy. Aristotle primarily worked in the sciences and question the make-up and existence of everything. Eventually Aristotle created his own academy called the Lyceum.

Picture of Aristotle

Greece Experienced a Golden Age in its Government and Military


The most important Greek statesman/leader during the Golden Age of Greece. He promoted the arts, music, philosophy, religious belief and he inspired the Greeks through his leadership.

The Dalian League

This is a alliance of Greek City-States who united to fight against foreign enemies; primarily the Persians.

The Gupta Empire´s Golden Age

Golden Age in Government

Chandra Gupta II (370-410)- He was the leader during the Golden Age and lead for 40 years using peaceful means using Diplomacy, Marriage Alliances.

A picture of Chandra Gupta

During this golden age, the Gupta Empire had also created the Caste System which had separated people in different classes that was given to them by people who were higher then them and or by Reincarnation.

The Caste System

Golden Age in Math & Science

Science- Discovered that the Earth was round by using the Solar Eclipse. Also, they were able to calculate the solar year of the Earth itself ( How many years it takes for Earth to go around the sun back to where it started)

Earth´s Solar Year Picture

Math- During the Golden Age of the Gupta Empire, they were able to create the decimal system and as well as the concept of zero.

The Math of the Gupta Empire

Golden Age in Medicine

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Vaccines

Plastic Surgery


Golden Age Trade

The Gupta Empire becomes the Middle-Men in trade Between Asia & Europe and they had also traded on the silk road and on the sea.

Gupta Empire trading


Golden Age in Government, Law and Military

Rome was able to experience 2 full centuries of mostly peace after the terrible leaders Caligula, Nero, and Domitian. The 5 emperors that was able to control Rome and make peace were Nerva, Hadrian, Trajan, Antonimus plus, and Marcus Aurelias but they were also known as the "5 Good Emperors".

Golden Age in The Han Dynasty

The Silk Road

The silk road was controlled by the two most powerful empires which were the China empire during the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire. The silk road wasn't always safe because of the tribes that are in the middle of Asia also know as central Asia would attack anyone that would go down the route because they would see something that they really like an they would take it.

Silk Road Trade Route.