Stonewall Jackson

By:Bryce G, Tyler R period 4

Early Years

January 21, 1824 in Clarksburg Virginia.

Graduated from west point in 1846 and started his military career as a second lieutenant. he resigned and excepted a teaching position in Virginia military institute.

Contribution to the civil war

Stonewall jackson fought in 16 battles total. However most of them were pretty small. He made a big deal in the battles of bull run number 1 and 2. He got his name because his army was like a stonewall and nothing could get past him.


1. stonewall jackson quit military to teach at military school in virgina.

2.stonewall jackson had a stuffed horse.

3.The surgeon buried stonewall jcksons arm. 4.Stonewall jackson didnt want virgina to be part of the south

5.Stonewall jackson told 22,000 troops to form a wall causeing union troops to retreat.