Life During the New Deal

By: Kenisha & Tony

Roles of Women

-Eleanor Roosevelt helped women during her husbands administration

-Frances Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department in government

-Women became leaders in the New Deal agencies

Roles of American Americans

- William Hastie Jr. was an american, lawyer, judge, educator, public official, and advocate for the civil rights of African Americans

- The Black Cabinet was first known as the Federal Council of Negro Affairs.

- FDR had to be careful when making discrimination laws

Photographs & Writers

Dorothea Lange - was influential american documentary photographer and photo journalist

James Agee - was an american journalist, and author, poet, screenwriter, and film critic

Walker Evans - was an american photographer best known for his effects on the Great Depression

Popularity of movies during this era

King Kong- about a bug gorilla having much love for a young women.

The Women- about a group of upper class women living in Manhattan and the power of struggles, relationships, and complications their experience

Hollywood and the film industry took a big change in the 1930's, a lot of new things were emerging during this time

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Importance of the radio in American life

The importance of the radio was they could do radio broadcasting, and also it was a cheap way of knowing whats going on in life. And also the things that are going on around them. This was also a way for people to find out important messages they need to know.
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Facts about music

- Music from this time helped usher in the modern music industry as we know today

- This era unveiled new methods of recording playing and listening to popular music at home

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Facts about sports

- Baseball was a really popular sport around this time

- everything about baseball in the 1920's set up the nest 80 years of the great American game

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