Mrs. B's Behavior Bank

Character Adds Up!

It is my job to is YOUR job to LEARN

Just coming through the door doesn't count! It is more than just being here. It is being here ON TIME...READY...PREPARED...ON TASK and WILLING TO LEARN! It is YOUR JOB to make it happen! I want to know...WHAT IS IT WORTH TO YOU?!


Prepare to see how hard you worked, by what you earn. No, not on your report card this time. Yes, you are still getting your report cards; however, now you will see how your work and behavior add up, in dollars and cents! REMEMBER, YOU are your boss, and only you are accountable for your salary!

Mrs. B's Brag Bag

It doesn't matter where you've been . . . only where you go from this point forward!

Pay Scale

Perfect Attendance: $50 per week

All homework on time: $50 per week

Behavior in/out of class: $50 per week

Responsibility (ready ON TIME for class): $50 per week

Respect (to all students & staff): $50 per week

Things that will cause "Payroll Deductions" (loss of money)

Unexcused Tardies ($10 per incident)

Missing work or failure to participate in class ($10 per incident)

Lack of respect, including having to be called down in class ($5 per incident)

Not being responsible, such as leaving items behind, no paper, no pencil ($5 per incident)

Bad behavior, bullying, back talking adults, disobedience ($10 per incident)