Module 8 Testing and Midterm

Important Dates this week and next!

INFORM: Assignments due TODAY!

Don't forget you have three items to submit today:
  • Vocabulary Assignments for this Module! Both parts must be completed for credit! Check the image below for extra info on how to upload a picture.
  • Assignment: Design a School for the Gifted.
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INFORM: Schedule for Testing

Below is the test schedule for the next two weeks, which will take us to the end of the semester and into the next.

January 7 - 8: Module 8 Multiple Choice Test

January 8 - 9: Module 8 Essay Test

January 10: Module 8 Test Corrections DUE!

Module 8 testing will conclude grades for the second grading period and first semester.

January 15 - 16: Comprehensive Multiple Choice Test Modules 1 - 8

The Comprehensive test covers all materials in Modules 1 - 8; however, the test will have the weight of ONE module test and will be the first grade in the third grading period. After students complete their module 8 testing, they should spend their class time this week reviewing for this comprehensive test.

Some Tips for Successful Testing!

  • Students are not allowed to use any material (study guides, vocabulary cards, notes, other websites, etc) on this test.
  • There is an alternate multiple choice test in every unit. If a test "freezes" on a student, they are to immediately go to the alternate test. If the second MC test freezes, students will need to complete a short answer test for the unit.
  • Tests do freeze....but this problem is less likely to happen if a student only has one window open at a time, and does not use the back browser.
  • If a student takes the class while at school, they are to take the test at school. Students should be in a secure testing situation if possible.
  • If students take this class as a 5th block (after school), students may take the test at home, but the same restrictions apply.

CELEBRATE: Resolutions

I appreciate all the responses I have received following my post last week. If you have not yet done so, please email a resolution you made that will help you in your AP Psychology course this semester. I will post in the next few days (without names, of course!)