Titanic's people

Angelina lochridge

Introducing the Titanic

Who or what was the Titanic? Only the greatest passenger ship of its time! The Titanic caught people's attention from around the world. Unsinkable! They said. But that theory came to a rushing halt the night of April 15, 1912 at 2:20 am. Many lives were changed this very historic night.
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People of the Titanic

Money meant fame on the titanic. The more money you had the better you were treated. First class passengers were treated like royalty aboard the titanic. Better food, spirits, cutlery, and service. So as the third class passengers go they were basically treated as if they were not even there. But, for the 2nd class passengers they got to enjoy much of the titanic not as much as first class of course.
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Whose fault was the titanic?

There have been many theory's about whose fault the wreck was. But the biggest theory is that the ship builder was at fault. About three million rivets were used to build the titanic. After the wreck many of those small rivets were recovered. They were inspected and come to find out they were made from sub-standard iron. The force of the impact cause the heads of the rivets to break and sections of the titanic to fall apart.

Was the titanic ignored?

Reports from one of the last survivors claims that the titanic's crewman sent out many sos alerts. The near by ship the Californian was alerted, but never responded. Phillip Franklin a worker for the white star liner denied receiving any calls of distress from the titanic. He says that he later found out about the wreck from fellow employee.
Eva Hart speaks about her memories of the Titanic . . survivor interview


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