Wife of Bath Found

...on the corner of Broad Street

Investigation Commences

The Wife of Bath, also known as Alyson, currently awaits in jail as detectives investigate more into what very well might be prostitution. Officer Tinder stated he was riding along Broad Street and saw Alyson making gestures and doing very seductive movements standing beside her horse. He also mentioned she was wearing red tights and was wearing a huge hat to draw attention to herself.

More Information

Could this be true?

Witnesses mentioned they have seen Alyson standing on corners of several streets lately. Alyson is also a church going lady so this has shocked many in the community. Officer Tinder is going to do more research and the outcome will be posted in the newspaper shortly after the case has come to an end. If you have any information, please contact the jailhouse at (555) 333-4444 and ask for Officer Tinder. Anything helps!
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