IB Learner Profile: Reflective

Reflective thinking turns experience into insight.

IB Learner Profile: Reflective

The IB Learner profile aims to develop students who are reflective. Students who are reflective give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and experiences. They are able to assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to support their learning and personal development.

IB students have developed an ability to reflect on their learning and to articulate how they learnt. They have learned that critical reflection is an important academic and life skill.


IB Trait- Reflective

How can parents help to develop students who are reflective at home?

Have your child stop and think throughout the day about their behaviors. Assist him/her with focusing on the following prompts:

~Is what I'm doing appropriate? If so, explain why it is. If not, explain how it is not.

~How can I change my behavior? Have your child think of positive ways to make changes.

~Is the situation I am in a positive situation? If not, how can I make it a positive situation?

~Am I doing my best? Am I working my hardest?

Parents can model the above thinking process by talking aloud to themselves, ask and answer yourself these questions about things you are doing throughout your day. This way your child sees you working through the Reflection process, and can use your examples as their models to learn from.

* Model how to make mistakes, how to fail. And then, how to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. It's okay to make mistakes, making mistakes is part of learning. Being Reflective teaches us how to grow and learn from both mistakes and from positive experiences.

Story Time

Ruthie and The (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie is an adorable story about a little fox who tells a lie that eats her up inside, she feels so horrible about what she has done. After taking time to reflect on her behavior, Ruthie decides to tell the truth on her own. In the end, Ruthie realizes that being reflective, changing her actions has benefits for her and for her friends.
📷 Ruthie and the Not So Teeny Tiny Lie 📷| Kids Books Read Aloud!

Discussion Questions For Ruthie And The (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie

1) Explain how Ruthie felt when she found Martin's teeny tiny toy camera?

2) How do you think Ruthie and Martin were feeling at the end of the school day when it was time to go home? And why were they feeling those feelings?

3) Explain why Ruthie's teacher took the teeny tiny camera to keep in her teacher desk over night.

4) Why did Ruthie have a stomach ache all night? Why do you think she started crying at night?

5) Ruthie seemed to love Martin's teeny tiny camera, why wasn't having it making her feel happy?

6) Explain why you think Ruthie told the teacher that the camera really wasn't hers in school the next day.

7) How would you feel if a friend took your toy and said it wasn't yours?

8) What does integrity mean?

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