Panther Wrestling

Norfolk Junior High

by laikon

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This morning some reports say that Sir Humpty Dumpty the Great, Jr. fell off the Wall of China. Others say he was pushed by the bandit Zorro because of unfinished business. The king’s horses and men cannot fix him, but they found Bob the Builder to help. Bob the Builder has been working with Sir Humpty Dumpty the Great, Jr. trying to keep his yolk in the shell. Bob the Builder did all he could do. He said he could not be saved; he was in critical condition. Sir Humpty Dumpty the Great, Jr. was a good man like his dad, Sir Humpty Dumpty the Great, but he is with his father in heaven now.

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At the beginning of Boy Scouts, there was originally three rank tenderfoot first class and second class. In the news, they found out that the Boy Scouts have many untold files put away. The founder of Boy Scouts is William D. Boyce in 1910. In 2013, 17 million service hours where recorded by the Boy Scouts. About 6% of all boys out earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2013. In 2013, 56,841 scouts earned the rank Eagle Scout. Eighteen of the U.S. Governors participated in scouting as a youth or adult. On average, 20 hours of service are given by scouts. During World War 2 over 50,000 scouts trained to under take national war service jobs. Each day, 100,000 people in the UK take part In scouting activities.

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Halo 4

The story of Halo 4 begins three years after the game Halo 3. The game is set on the forerunner planet that Master Chief lands on. He encounters an alien race called the Covenant, an ancient warrior of the forerunner planet called Prometheans. Master Chief is accompanied by the artificial intelligence construct Cortana. The didact takes control of the Prometheans and Covenant and attack infinity after it crashed on the planet. In the end, Master Chief mourns the loss of his partner and goes on his own.

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Back To The Future is a story about a normal teen thrown into a race against time to save his own life. The story beginning when Marty Mcfly (Michael J. Fox) meets soon to be best friend that’s on the crazy side, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). He shows him the new invention he made. Marty Mcfly is shown a time machine and is the first human to test it out. He goes 50 years into the past to find his father and mother, who he has not met and has to get them together before he is erased from time.

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Back To The Future Part I Original Theatrical Trailer


Today, Laikon Ames turns 40 years old. He went to Norfolk High School. He did wrestling, football and track. Once he graduated, he had been given a scholarship for wrestling. He went to the University of Nebraska and wrestled for the Huskers. Once he got out of college, he went on on to pro-wrestling and then to the Olympics. Once he finished wrestling, he opened his own little ice cream shop in Florida and retired. He got married to his beautiful wife and had two boys who love football. He goes home every summer to visit his family.