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Mrs. Goostree & Mrs. Eldridge

Biz Town is Coming Up!

A great opportunity that fifth graders have is to attend BizTown. BizTown is an all-day interactive simulation of a real community. Students work real jobs, receive wages, and learn about economics. This is an incredible experience for students. We will be going to BizTown on May 21st. We will need at least 23 volunteers that day from our school. All volunteers will attend a training a week or two before we go to BizTown. If you are interested in helping us that day, please let us know soon. Remember that you will need a current background check on file. The background checks are good for 2 years. If you aren't sure if you are current, please check with the office. You can find the volunteer application form here:
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Valentine's Day Celebration

We will be having a Valentine's Day Celebration in class on Thursday, February 12th. Students are welcome to exchange Valentine cards. If your child wants to participate, please have them design a container/box to receive their cards. Our week is so packed with learning, we will not be able to make boxes in class.

What's Happening in Reader's Workshop?

We are working on identifying the structures of informational text. Knowing how to determine the structure of the text helps readers anticipate what the text will be about and what they are suppose to learn from it. For example, if it's a compare and contrast text a reader can look for the similarities and differences in the topics being discussed. You can help your child with this skill by asking them to point out the structure of texts you have around the house. Have them read a recipe or instruction manual. Ask them how is it structured or organized.

In Math We Are...

We will be spending the next few months diving into and exploring fractions. We will be building on the fraction knowledge the students have from previous years and extending this into new learning like multiplying fractions and much more! I am very impressed with the high level of math confidence and growth each mathematician has made so far this year. Keep it up!

What's Happening in Writer's Workshop?

We have finished up our research on the geography of the 3 regions of the 13 American colonies. Now we've begun drafting our reports using the Chromebooks. The students are doing great with using Google Docs to draft their reports. They have applied what we've learned about text structures and features in their writing by using headings and organizing their paragraphs to fit their purpose. Ask your child what are the biggest differences between the geography of the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies. Challenge them to explain how the geography affects the colonists' way of life.

Social Studies

As we read and write about the early American colonies, the students are using their critical thinking skills to discuss the effect of colonization on the Native Americans as well as the African Americans who were brought to the colonies. Understanding multiple perspectives is important when we study history. I have been impressed at the level of thinking that the students are doing. Have your child explain how the Native Americans' way of live changed after colonization.

We also learned about the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Ask your child what they think happened. We had some great ideas in class. They are great detectives!

Colonial Trade Faire

Coming up on February 17th, fifth graders will have a Colonial Trade Faire. In connection with our unit on life in the American Colonies, students will choose a craft from the time period and make 3-6 of the item they chose. Then, they will barter and trade with each other. This is a fun tradition at York and we can't wait to see what the students make. Look for the parent letter in your child's Friday Folder to explain more about this exciting project. This project is optional but students must have brought a craft in order to trade/barter. If your family needs assistance with supplies, please don't hesitate to ask.

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