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October 18, 2019

Reading and Writing Exploration

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Reading and writing can take many forms. Exploring all of our options is what makes it fun and exciting to read as adults, and it is our job to expose our students to as many forms of literature, nonfiction, and written expression as possible. This week, students had many opportunities to explore. They dove deep into novels during whole class lessons and read alouds. They independently read books of their choice. They listened to their peers read aloud in a small group during guided reading. They read with police officers during Books and Badges, a program that pairs students with St. Louis police recruits for an hour of reading. They also experienced ways to express themselves in writing. Students responded to their reading by writing about it. They wrote letters to their teachers. The kindergarteners even wrote during math instruction on their new Smart board!

I had the opportunity to interview students about their experiences with books this week. Here are a few highlights from my conversations:

  • "I really like this book because it is all about animals and I love animals SO SO MUCH. I want to have all the animals in the world. I really love this book!"
  • "Reading is cool. That's why I like to do it."
  • "My mom told me I have to read, but I do it anyway because it is actually really fun."
  • "I am reading a book about fishies. Fishies live in the ocean. Did you know that?"
  • "This book is SO FUNNY. I just laugh and laugh when I read it. You have to read this thing! It really will make you feel good."
  • "I didn't used to have a favorite book but I think this one might be it now. I am not sure yet. I will let you know when I'm finished."
  • "That reading room is cool because you can lay down when you're reading and I like to do that because it feels better than sitting up and reading. I don't know why, I just like it better when you're all comfy and then you can just think about the book and you don't have to think about how you're not comfy enough."

Students throughout Patrick Henry have been building up their reading stamina, and this week showed me just how far we have come in providing opportunities for reading and writing. We are excited about what our students have done in both subjects, but we are most excited for the students' excitement when it's time to pick up a great book and dive into a new world! Keep it up, Patrick Henry students and staff!

Henry Honors

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Thank you to Ms. Hill and Mrs. Terrance for hosting our second Henry Honors celebration of the school year! Our October Henry Honors students were selected by their teachers for demonstrating the qualities of an active learner. Active learners are students (and adults!) who take responsibility for their education, who participate at every step of the learning process, and who seek out as many opportunities as possible to grow and to be challenged by new content and skills. Active learners are students who understand that school is not simply a job to accomplish - it's a calling! Each of us as educators strive to be active learners even as adults, and we hope that each of our Patrick Henry students sees the school day as their most important time of the day to explore and learn. Congratulations to this month's Henry Honors students!

Just had to show off our newest set of twins in the building...

Thank you to Ms. Willard and Ms. Smith for inspiring our next spirit day to include a twin day! Happy fall, y'all!
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