Aung son suu kyi

"pro" Democracy

Date of Birth,Place of Birth,Government Style!!!!!!

Aung son suu kyi was born on June 19,1945.The place of birth she was born was Yagon,Myanmar"Burma".The style of Government she is the [pro] Democracy.

3 Major Accomplishment of My Leader!!!!!!!!!!!

1: In 1988, with an aim to take core of her ailing mother, suu kyi returned to Burma.This move turned out to be a turning point in life of suu kyi as she because actively in the [pro] Democracy movement.

2:On July 20,1989, she was placed under house arrest and was offered freedom only is she left the country.

3: The date of the release of suu kyi was fixed on 13,2010.Meanwhile to that she was allowed to meet senior members of her NLD.

2 Reason /Characteristics you leader is the best for that form of government:

1:On May 2.2012 Suu Kyi along with other MP elects of the NLD party took their attend office.

2:Suu kyi announced on the world Economic forms like website her willingness to run for presidency in armors 2015 election on June 6,2013.She was a women who do the rights and she helped many people.She is a lady who no one will forget.