Starvation Is Eating Away Africa

Starvation In Africa


The only thing eating in Africa is Starvation. Starvation is eating away children and women and men every day. Every 3.6 seconds a person dies of starvation. People in United States are killing themselves because their fat and somewhere in Africa someone died because they were starving and were too skinny to survive.. Many people in Africa live to only weigh at least 70 pounds. and many people are asking for other people to starve by throwing away there food.

Facts & Statics

5 seconds someone dies because of starvation.

15 million people die every year.

13 million are starving right now. (Half of them are children or babies)

The Real Meaning For Starvation

When many people say they are starving they should really look at what the real definition. Starving really means a state of extreme hunger resulting from lack of nutrients over a long period of time.Many people right now are starving about

(10 million).This issue is caused by bad weather with bad weather that means bad soil because soil needs water to be healthy and bad soil means no plants or food and means no food which means you can't eat and then that's how starvation hits.

Starvation Stops Today

So now in Africa the only thing that will be the people of Africa. Now starvation will leave the people alone and many people will live longer and the population will stay at a higher number it will hopefully not go down because starvation it will increase. So now all the statistics will be old news to people all over the world and Africa will no longer be the the starving country of the world.

The Good Garbage

  • This program will help Africans in Africa get a daily serving of food each day.
  • The food will be sent to Africa every week so they have food for the whole 7 days until the rest gets there "Good Garbage" a trash can that only good or food that is still good, will get stacked into and sent to Africans In Africa.