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Fall 2020 Edition

Welcome Back: 2020-2021 School Year!

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Encouraging Your Child To Read

  • Be a good role model...

    Let your child see you read.

  • Encourage your child to read on their own at home...

    Reading at home fosters learning at school.

  • Keep a variety of reading materials in the house...

    Make sure to have reading materials for enjoyment as well as for reference.

  • Encourage your child to practice reading aloud...

    Frequently listen to your child read out loud and praise often for doing so. Offer to read every other page or even every other chapter to your child. Have conversations and discussions about the book with your child.

  • Write short notes for your child to read...

    Write down weekly household responsibilities or put a note in with their lunch.

  • Encourage activities that require reading...

    Cooking (reading a recipe), constructing a kite (reading directions), or identifying a bird's nest or a type of plant you discover on a walk (reading a reference or non fiction book) are some examples.

  • Establish a reading time, even if it's only 10 minutes each day...

    Make sure there is a good reading light in your child's room with a special place for a variety of material that are easy to reach and read.

  • Talk with your child...

    Talking makes children think about their experiences more and helps them expand their vocabularies. Ask your child to give detailed descriptions of events and to tell complete stories.

  • Give your child writing materials...

    Reading and writing go hand in hand. If you make pencils, crayons, and paper available at all times, your child will be more inclined to write.

  • Restrict television/screen time...

    The less screen time, the more time they will have for reading-related activities.

  • Utilize the resources at your public library...

    The public library had a variety of resources, including online electronic resources.

Fall In Love With Reading Bingo

Click HERE for an online Bingo Card. When you complete 3 in a row, take a picture of your card and send to Mrs. Purcell to receive your prize. Special prize for students who complete the entire card.
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Our Public Library Resources

Don’t forget that almost every Forsyth County student now has a virtual Forsyth County Public Library card! Students new to our school this year will need to establish a family account with the library,

Students can use their student ID (username) and the PIN provided by the library to access all kinds of online tools, including FREE online tutoring, ebooks, videos and activities. Simply go to, click on eLibrary and then choose eBooks & eMags, eKids, eTeens and more!

If you don’t know your child’s PIN, please use the link below.

Password Help

You may also sign up for newsletters by clicking here. If you check "Weekly Program Planner", you will get up to date information on their activities.

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