Mrs. Rivell GT Class

An update on all things GT

Genius Hour

Students are currently working on a Genius Hour project. Genius Hour is based on the idea that students choose a topic they are interested in, research their chosen topic, create something that shows their learning, and then present to the class. Students have chosen some great topics, so ask your student what they are researching.

Our next project is due on Tuesday, February 17.

Presentations will be during class beginning on February 17.

Astronomer/Constellation Project

In addition to working on Genius Hour, we have had several opportunities at the middle school to learn about astronomy. In December, we had an inflatable sky-dome where we learned about the planets and stars. A few weeks ago, a representative from the Austin Astronomical Society brought a special telescope and we were able to see the sun. Starting today, students will begin their next project. They will choose a constellation and a famous astronomer and do research. They must have all of the required information on a display board along with three visual aids. I look forward to learning from the students!

Our first due date will be on Wednesday, February 18 where students will need to know their topics. Packets were handed out today on requirements.

Please e-mail me with any questions or concerns you might have.