A Quick View at

the Barcode Scanner

A barcode reader is also known as the barcode scanner and it is that electronic machine that is used to scan and read the printed barcodes that are attached on the products in a retail store. This has a little similarity to a flatbed reader; the machine includes a lens, a light source and a light sensor which translates the optical impulses into the electrical ones. To add to that all the barcode scanner leaving a few have a decoder circuit that analysis the barcode image and the data generated through that is sent to the computer which converts the data and give the final product.

Various Kinds of Barcode Scanners

The Pen style readers

The first kind of barcode reader is the Pen style scanner which includes a light source and a photodiode that are placed alongside each other in the tip of the wand. So to scan the barcode image the person standing at the point of sale should move the pen across the bars of the barcode at a uniform speed. The PEN style barcode scanner has a photodiode that is used to measure the intensity of the light that is reflected from the light source as the tip is moved across each bar and space in the given printed code.

Laser scanners

This kind of reader works in a similar fashion as that of a pen style barcode reader, the only difference that exists is the laser beam is used as a source of light and that it has a reciprocating mirror or a prism if the mirror is not available just so to rotate and scan the front and back across the barcode.

CCD readers

A CCD barcode scanner puts in use a multitude of tiny little light sensors that are lined up in a row which is at the head of the scanner. Each sensor has a function to measure the light intensity that is in front of them during that time.

Camera-based readers

The latest barcode scanner is the ones that we use in our mobile phones and are camera based. There are two dimensional imaging scanners. It employs the image processing feature to scan the barcode.

Another kind of scanner is the video camera scanner that uses a small video camera that uses the CCD technology in the scanner, and rather than a single row sensor the video camera has a multitude of sensors that is arranged in a two dimensional pattern so that an image of the barcode can be generated.

Omni-directional barcode scanners

In an Omni directional scanner an array of straight or curved scanning lines with different directions are arranged in the form of a starburst, or a multi angle pattern which is projected at a symbol and one or even more of them will be able to scan all the spaces and the bars, irrespective of their orientation.

These scanners consist of a laser. It generates an array of beams leading to different orientations which allows them to scan the barcode at any angle.


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