My Thoughts

By:Jessie Tovo

The Anterior Cruciate Ligment (ALC)

Teen girls are crashing and falling 29 more times than boys, and everyone's wondering why including me. Girls are tearing their ALC when they play sports. 70% of this happens when they're alone. For example, playing soccer,gymnastics,volleyball,and basketball are more likely. But in some sports like cheer,dance,and football it also may happen.

Why Do Girls Play Intense Sports Before Boys?

Why are girls playing intense sports by the age of 12 or 13, when boys start to play around 14 or 15? We have asked this question and doctors finally gave us an answer. The reason girls are faster is because of puberty. That gives the girls a head start, which also gives them a better chance of tearing their ALC's in sports. Once they do tear it they have to have 6 months of recovering before back to their sport. They also have a 15% chance of having another one than before.

My Thoughts

I agreed very much with the article that girls are more likely to hurt their ALC than boys. But what I was most surprised by was that the odds of tearing your knee in a sport alone was larger than play with others.I liked this article a lot and can't wait to read it again!

My Other Thoughts

Ernie Feld

Ernie Feld is the owner and the operator of the tiny pastry shop near Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He was born in Czechoslovakia in 1925, where his real name Ernie Ehrenfeld was changed. He claims his baking saved him in WW ll, when he would have been killed.

My Thoughts

I think that it was amazing that the reason Ernie was saved was because of his now famous strudel. The German SS was only impressed by his baking, which cost him a lifetime. Also, now that he is ninety years old and still going along in his bakery is just astonishing, well at least to me!