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Dates for the Calendar

8th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

9th June - Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Finals at Chifley PS

Principals Message

Staffing News - Congratulations Mrs Whittaker

Recently, our vacant classroom teacher position was filled through the “Interested Pool” process. I am very pleased to announce that the permanent position has been filled by Mrs Annie Whittaker. I am sure you would agree that Mrs Whittaker has made a significantly positive contribution to our students and the school community over time and we are very pleased to be able to have her as a permanent member of our teaching staff. Mrs Whittaker earned the position with an application that was of the highest standard and on behalf of the Banksmeadow PS community I want to congratulate Mrs Whittaker and thank her for her hard work and dedication. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our panel members for their time and professionalism throughout the panel process.

I hope you all have a safe and happy long weekend :)

Ben Walsh

Relieving Principal

Preschool Enrolments

Preschool enrolments are now open for 2016. Children attending next year must turn 4 by July 31st 2016. The attendance pattern will continue to be the 5 day fortnight. Please let any of your family or friends know who may have a child falling into this age group. Application forms can be collected from the school office or by downloading a copy from the school website.

Dance News

The Senior dance group will be performing in 2 weeks at the Seymour Centre. All students need to return their information sheets to the school office by the end of the week please. Mrs Bragg will be in touch with parents this week about transport and assistance on the day.

Junior dancers are busily practising for their performance at Showcase @the Juniors next term. We will have some double sessions with this group after the Seymour Centre performance to make up for the lessons this group has skipped in the last couple of weeks.

School Band

The Senior Band’s preparation for Bandfest is going very well. They should now be well acquainted with their 3 pieces and be working on details such as the contrast in volume, tempo, accents & other markings.

The Juniors too are progressing very nicely. They should be working on bars 21 to 29 in both Beethovens Ninth & Music Music Music as this is what we will concentrate on in our rehearsals.

I’d like also to remind all students to bring their music and instrument on Tuesdays for Seniors & Wednesdays for both bands.

Keep up the good work everyone!

Kevin Christmas


Chess Team

Congratulations to our wonderful school chess team who are participating in the local Eastern Suburbs School Chess tournament. Every Friday the team play a game of chess against other local schools. The members in our team alternate each week and most weeks we have won at least 50% of our games which is a great achievement. Here are some photos of some of our chess champions in action! Keep up the great effort!

Thank You to Our Gold Sponsors of the Banksmeadow PS Spring Fair