Dual Language News

Happy New Year! 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their time off with their family and friends. I am ready to begin this New Year helping our bilingual students become bicultural and biliterate! Let's get started!

What is culture?

Culture can be defined in many ways. Culture can be values and traditions that a particular group of people pass down from generation to generation. Teaching culturally responsive is essential. Teachers can:

*cultural self-awareness

*value diversity

*cross-cultural differences

*students' cultures

*making positive changes

It is vital to help your students feel valued. Teachers can value their students by:

-acknowledge their culture

-celebrate their culture

-utilize materials that reflects their culture

-maintain a print rich environment

-display student work

-utilize the students' native language

Comprehension with English Language Learners

*Build on their background knowledge

*Teach with nonlinguistic representations

*Vocabulary instruction

*Discussion opportunities

*Checking for understanding

2nd and 3rd Grade Curriculum Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 3:45pm


This meeting is for 2nd and 3rd grade dual language teachers. We will discuss the 3rd nine weeks ELAR/SLAR curriculum.

Writer's Workshop Training for Bilingual Teachers

Friday, Jan. 15th, 1:30pm