Be The Necessary Piece of Socialism

Every part fits together like a puzzle!

Become the vital piece of the socialism puzzle!

Socialism is the belief that collective public should control the parts of production. Robert Owen created this belief and advocated and supported various utopian communities. This became popular because many workers wanted an equal say inn the factors of production (especially when they were the ones creating the goods for the rest of society).

This is a great system for you because it creates equality. This system is better than the others because thinking is collective, rather than private. If you aren't one of the most valuable workers this system is for you. Workers are valued on the hours they work rather than the quality of the products the produce. This system also makes equality important. Equality is key!

Some current countries that practice socialism are: China, Cuba, and Vietnam.

Although the United States also has some aspects that are socialistic. Health care, the FDA, the United States Postal Service, and the education systems are all examples of socialistic aspects.

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