Digital Day Project

By: Cody Reed


Morning Alarm

Every day for me begins with technology; in the form of the alarm on my phone. It wakes me each morning at 6:30AM. Considering my phone alone is what wake me up each morning I would say technology plays an important role in my life before I even wake up.

Arriving at School

Monday through Friday I drive to school arriving at ~7:30, park in the same place, and then take out my phone. While listening to the radio I'm usually checking Twitter. Facebook and Instagram are sometimes also in use. This is the point in my day where I usually spend the most time on my phone and the second most time using technology.

Phone During School

Other than texting and checking emails I found myself constantly looking at my phone to check the time. 16 times I checked the time on my phone during school. Which taking an outside perspective is unnecessary considering how many clocks are around the school and classrooms.

Laptop During School

Being a senior I use my laptop in almost every class. It's a necessity. I used it in English to work on this project and SRT to work on government homework. I also had it out for my tech intern class to pass time browsing the internet. Along with my phone I also use it to check emails. It is impossible to go a day without needing my laptop for class.

Leaving School

Everyone is free to leave school at 2:54, but even getting home requires technology. I drive myself to and from school in my Mustang which would not be possible without technology. Many if not all vehicles being manufactured today require a computer to run, but today the technology inside a car can go much further. Cars today can have have everything from satellite radio to GPS to Internet access. Unless you're taking a bicycle or an old classic car it safe to assume technology is an integral part of your day.


Normally I don't play video games to much during the week because I usually am busy with other things, but I bought GTA 5 on Sunday so that has been sucking up much of my life. Videos games can be very addicting for and cause trouble for some. Especially those who play them during school. In the middle of class.


Everyone watches or uses a tv whether it's watching Honey Boo Boo and Sunday Night Football or using it for netflix and gaming. Other than using it to play GTA 5, I also watched How I Met Your Mother.