The Life of Hugo Chavez

How He Changed Venezula


Born July 28th, 1954, Hugo was always known for his reform efforts. After graduating from the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences, he joined the army as a paratrooper. In 1992, Hugo and his military friends tried to overthrow the president. The coup failed, and resulted in Hugo having to go to jail for 2 years. After being pardoned, he started a movement, and took office in 1999. Right off the bat Chavo set out to change the face of Venezula, he did so while always having conflicts with the USA. Chavez sold large amounts of oil to Cuba, which America did not agree with. Hugo Chavez never stood down from anyone during his reign, but in 2011 he was diagnosed with Cancer. Hugo died March 5th, 2013 at age 58.


"I have said it already, I am convinced that the way to build a new and better world is not capitalism. Capitalism leads us straight to hell."

-Hugo Chavez

This quote shows exactly how Hugo would like to run his country, no capitalism involved.

Hugo Chavez: "The Stupid People From Fox News"

Hugo's View On America

As Hugo's reign went on, his relations with the USA only got worse. As stated in this video, he expresses his view on George Bush, saying that Bush is the devil, and that the stage he stood on smelled of sulfur. While leader, Hugo often sold to Communist Cuba, a long time adversary of the United States. Also in the video, Hugo attacks FOX News, and all of the American media. Hugo always believed that the United States were responsible for attempting to overthrow him. He threatened to stop supplying them with oil if there was another attack. Hugo and the United States had a very complicated relationship.