Name: Nightwing/ Richard John Dick Grayson-Wayne

Lives in: Bludhaven

Relationship status: Taken

Original home: Romania, circus

Born on: 1998 May 21

Works as: B.C.P.D/COP, Superhero


Keep Calm

As you all may know, I love to mess with the English words.

I'm feeling pretty asterous. Hope your whelmed!


Seriously, that's why you always say these words.


  1. Making new words.
  2. Fighting crime
  3. Messing with Batman/ Bruce Wayne

My personalities

Everybody says I'm immature but I disagree. When Batman went missing and I had to be Batman, Gordon stopped me because I was always smiling. I don't understand why Bruce never smiles. I'm also nice, cool, smart, confident, and caring.

Random things i say

  1. Your underwhelmed, he's overwhelmed, why isn't anyone just whemed?
  2. Are you feeling the aster?
  3. Thank you for being turbed.

Whelmed is in the middle of over and under whemed. It means calm.

Aster is short for asterous. Asterous is the opposite of disastorous.

Turbed is the opposite of disturbed.

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This was my family before Damian came.