Everglades National Park

Located near Orlando, Florida

Awesome Facts

  • Made up of 10,000 different islands
  • Most of it is covered in sawgrass
  • The Everglades has wet summers and dry winters
  • Average rainfall is about 130 mm
  • It has been inhabited by Native Americans
  • It used to be a sanctuary for Indians
  • The Everglades was established in 1947
  • Someone suggested draining the Everglades in 1848
  • The park was drained and was turned into farmland
  • 50% of the park was turned into a urban area
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Fund the Everglades! Early settlers called the Everglades a "useless swamp". Then in the 1800 the swampland was drained. All those birds, alligators, and other animals had no place to live. Later, the Government decided to build a National Airport in the swamplands. The Everglades was established in 1947. The Everglades has many attractions for everyone. Such as the Alligator Farm and Shark Valley. Please fund this park.