Appalachian Mountains

By: Humaira Malik

Have you ever visited the Appalachian Mountains? If you have not here's why you should !

The Appalachian Mountains is a beautiful place to visit. In all the seasons, and all the time Appalachian mountains have something to do in the everyday life's. Winter is the most fun reason in the Appalachian Mountains because it has more activities then any other season. it has skiing, snowboarding, hiking etc,,. It has every activity you would want to do in every season. It has some of the most famous attractive places you would love to see. They have beautiful resorts, museums and malls!

Resorts in Appalachian Mountains

There is a beautiful resorts in the Appalachian Mountains which are really famous because of the quantity of activities they have for tourists. It has all the different types of activities you would want to do in winter.The number one thing in these resorts is safety. They have a lot of safety in the resort so you just Enjoy and worry less!


The hotels in The Appalachian Mountains are just Amazing. They are one of the most important things you will need as you reach the Appalachian Mountains. You sure need some place to live for the time being. The Hotels have lots of activities in them so you can Enjoy the indoor and the Outdoor ! The hotels have a swimming pool, gym etc.. The hotels have a price of living there from about 130$ to 150$ ! It is the most beautiful hotels you would visit in your lifetime.


The Museums in the Appalachian Mountains are beautiful. There is this one special museum that is famous all around the world. It is one of the largest museums in the world. It is approximately 125 years old. It is famous because of its creativity and the beauty inside of Art. Visit and check out the most Famous art sculptures and paintings that were done in the past til now!

Historic Downtown Jonesborough and Salt House

Historic Downtown Jones borough and Salt House is a famous street in the Appalachian Mountains. This street is one of historic places. This place is related to the civil war and is one of the most famous places for tourists to visit and see the historic little places there. Guided walking or buggy tours include sites that were headquarters, hospitals, prisons, cemeteries and homes related to the Civil War.