geography final


Green revolution- grow food for parts of the world that are over population

Population density- the average amount of people living in a square mile.

Plate tectonics- the movement of the earths plates on the mantle

Outsourcing- using another countries people for labor to prouduce good for your country

Substance farming- is farming just to feed your family

Urbanization- population shift from rural to urban


• has deserts, forest, rivers, and mountains.

• has a disease problem

• most countries are pour and have starving people

• have a high birth rate and high death rate


• most are developed countries

• there is a group called the EU to protect and help some countries

• there are refugees trying to enter the countries

• the halocaust happened in Europe

South america

• has a large rain forest

• most countries speak Portuguese, French and Spanish

• most are developed or developing


• are mostly developing countries

• have cheap labor

• big exporter in product

• most populated area