The Blue Bell Recall

By Hana Kinder

What happened?

The Blue Bell Company, famous for their ice cream and many other dairy products, recently was forced to recall almost all of their sold products in twenty-three states. Blue Bell products are believed to be contaminated with the Listeria bacteria. This can be very serious for people who are young, very old, or have a weakened immune system. There is a recorded three people dying in the past year and ten people falling ill because of the issue. This became a known issue in 2010 and it is still progressing. The CDC is making it known that they recommend no one to buy or eat any Blue Bell products of fear it contains the bacteria.
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Facts About The Blue Bell Recall

  • The company admits to it being the source
  • The CDC is taking this very seriously
  • Blue Bell isn't sure how listeria got into their facilities
  • Multiple Blue Bell facilities tested positive for Listeria
  • They are sure the Listeria did not get in through the milk
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After Math

After this mess up, I'm sure people will be much more careful on who they buy their food supplies from. Also people will make sure their selves and their children and vaccinated with everything they should be. Diseases can be contracted in many ways, and this has made people more aware of things. That even not washing your hands or stepping on a rusty paper clip can give you something that may take your life.