Starting a new semester information


Welcome to Spring Semester!

Hello! Just wanted to share some great "start of the semester" information! Thanks to the SS department for sharing!!

Coming Soon- Email from Brightspace inside the gradebook and dropbox! More next week on this.

Faculty Meeting- 1/19 At 7pm

No Extension for MLK holiday. Monday the 18th is 20% off, the 19th is the last day for latework at 30% off. SPED has an exception. Work is not counted late until Tuesday the 19th at 8am.

Checking for new students in THesis

Check for New Students Daily

Continue to check for new students in Thesis daily (export and sort roster by date). You may have students drop and add your course in the same day so it is important to check your rosters for new enrollments.

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Welcoming 16 week students

Welcome 16 Week Students

Please remember to welcome 16 week students. Remember any 16 week student who has completed Student Orientation is granted early access to class this week. Their official course start date is January 19, 2016, but those with access may begin working early.

Suggested Timeline for Contacting Students:

•16 week – January 4 - 8

•14 week – January 25 - 29

•12 week – February 8 - 12

New Announcements- Considition release for different schedules

Course NEWS

Do post at least one new course item weekly. Your weekly course news may include due date reminders, differentiated resources, course content updates, motivational messages, exemplary work, and other items. You can create these items ahead of time and either save them as a draft or select a start date and end date.

Please be sure to keep your old NEWS items. Mark them as expired, not deleted. QAS will be checking to see that you are updating your NEWS items weekly.

Select "any condition must be met" if you have created multiple conditions for a course news item.

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  • Communicate student accommodations promptly to stakeholders.
  • See this video for how to use groups when you have multiple students needing accommodations. Brightspace has gone through several updates so you may find that you need to adjust the instructions slightly. Adding Accommodations for Multiple Students
  • Email accommodations you make to stakeholder from Thesis so that there is a record in the communication log. Include Home and Facilitator in the email. Include your email signature.