The Coniferous Forest

By: Addie O'Neil 2nd per.

Abiotic factors:

  • sun
  • wind
  • temperature
  • water
  • soil

Boitic factors:

  • moose
  • elk
  • bears
  • wolves
  • conifer trees
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About This Biome

The coniferous forest is known for the many conifer trees that grow there. The soil is poor, only letting acidic plants (shrubs, grass, ferns, and moss) grow because of the acidic needles that fall off of the trees. This biome is mostly home to insects, making their nests in the thickly dense trees. The herbivores there include elk and deer as well as smaller animals such as mice and squirrels. The carnivores include bears and wolves as well as the lynx and fox. Deco posers there include worms and fungi.

Human Impact

Humans hunt and cut down trees for lumber. This is effecting the biological diversity. But we can help protect this biome by hunting less for the game and to recycle so that there is less need for logging.

Interesting fact!

Coniferous forests take up 15% of the earths land!