Anthony Taglilatela

Globalization- The countries coming and working together

Section 1

Globalization is the process of countries and societies connecting with each other through trade, culture, economy, and technology to share each others information around the world. In the world people choose where they live depending on factors such as the weather, areas culture, and economic and technological advancement. So for example a man living in Florida probably lives there because of the weather. Or a man in New York works there because of his job. Really it's just certain situations that affect a persons decision on where they live. Some pros of globalization is the fact you can get things that are inaccessible to your location. Another pro of globalization is trade routes become easier to use and have, which will increase an economy. Some cons though is the fact you could get diseases from places around the world that you would never had gotten from your local area from the original place. Another con would be fights over culture and religion since some countries would find other countries offensive and wrong therefore creating tensions
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Section 2

My product I chose was Starbucks coffee beans. I tacked them from when they were just bean seeds to a person drinking it in a Starbucks. At first they originate in coffee fields located among South America and Central America. After being grown by farmers there they are then shipped for packaging in European countries until finally they reach the states and are ready to be sold. Sounds simple right? Well there's more to the product than you think. All factors of globalization affect this product negatively but there is always a solution to a problem. Here are some problems with globalization

Environmental- When big businesses take land from innocent people and tribes it doesn't give the company the best publicity. In 2007 there was a problem with Starbucks and one of the many plantations in Ethiopia that was supposed to be "Eco-friendly" but instead the locals told reporters that the company destroyed many of the lands rain forests to create land for coffee growth. This destroyed not only land but a rain forest which are known for being endangered.

Cultural- The same case also goes from a cultural perspective. The people of Ethiopia were also strongly affected by the case. It was a problem with the people of the culture as it actually had made the people of that land forced out of it. This tribe wasn't the only tribe that was affected. Matter fact, the surrounding tribes had many rituals and medicines of that land they use to keep their tribes running and living the way they wish but of course Starbucks is disrupting the peace of these people.

Economy- Starbucks is considered great for the American economy but is becoming something capitalism frowns upon. That my friends is a monopoly. Starbucks ever since entering the market in 1971, sky rocketed into becoming the biggest coffee producer in the Untied States. The company recently has become so big that other businesses selling coffee have been run to the ground. This then means that less and less businesses selling coffee become a thing and Starbucks is eventually running that part of the stock market. Basically the bigger it gets the bigger the affect it has. In other words if it collapses-the stock market goes with it.

Technology- Starbucks is known stereo typically to be the place where a person stays at and creates a screenplay on his laptop. Really though Starbucks is becoming one of the only food/drink businesses that are now providing technological products to their customers. This could then be the beginning of a new outlet of technology-Starbucks. Weird right, but the way Starbucks is going it's becoming more and more likely. Starbucks could be finding a new business outlet but also new rivals. Starbucks already doesn't have the greatest reputation, but more technology could lead to hackers around the world taking advantage of the new system.

There can be easy solutions to these problems though. For example the rain forest problem could be resolved in one simple way- just don't do it in the rain forest? The only reason Starbucks did it in the first place was because this place in Ethiopia was the cheapest place to do it. If the company instead just spent there money more willingly then this issue would've never been an issue

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Section 3

Globalization is a factor in everybody's life. To me globalization is always around me. When I go to school I have to get up out of my bed where the mattress is from Vietnam while bed frame is from Switzerland. I have to put on clothes that are made from Taiwan and China. Or when I get to school and am learning about the Spanish culture even though my culture isn't Spanish. Even the Volkswagen I get driven to school in is technology we got from Germany. To put it into six words - Globalization's everything pertained in my life