Sped Weekly Update

Week of May 16th

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Thank you for being so accommodating with Fearless Friday! We are almost to the finish line!!

Today (Monday) is the last day for ESY Packets

If you haven't already, please leave in my mailbox or interoffice to Melissa at Special Ed Admin.

Some slight updates from the Special Ed Office

  • Amendments: If there are no changes to goals when doing an amendment (for ex: adding ESY services) please send Page 1, Page 2 and any other page with service dates on it to the special education office. We already have the rest of the IEP in the file if there are no other changes.

  • Please do not send over originals to the special education office that are printed back to back. Originals should be printed on one side only.

Call to Action from Our Union Leadership


What is Local Approval about?

The WWPS must pay a tuition of approximately $15,000.00 to every student who attends a charter school or mayoral academy. As the number of students attending charters increases so does the threat to our district’s funding, programs, class size, salaries and jobs. We are asking the RI Senate to pass a bill (Satchell) providing authority for local town councils to approve (or reject) student attendance in new, or expanded, charter schools and mayoral academies as a fiscal check. A companion bill (Serpa) has already passed the RI House.

What do I do?

  1. You will be contacted by a WWTA Building Rep (or other Alliance member) and asked to sign and address a postcard to your RI State Senator.
  2. Return the postcard back to your designated WWTA Rep/collector.

Postcards are for State Senators only

The PDF that Sean sent should be very helpful!

Specialized Transportation

Over the past few years, we have been working as a district to ensure that our families and staff understand the role of specialized transportation. Here is a snapshot of the criteria for door to door transport.

**Children with documented mobility concerns, where wheelchair or harness accommodations are necessary for a safe ride to and from school.

**Children with documented supervision concerns, which cannot be addressed by one bus aide/ monitor. This includes children who need specialized attention due to significant mood/ behavior regulation difficulties.

If your student is in our of our specialized programs it does not necessarily mean that they need door to door transportation and we should be thinking about how to support those students on regular transportation. Each bus has an monitor and driver.

1. Please review the list
2. Add any specific information in the columns (special needs/PU/DO/special instructions)
3. If you are removing busing you can add a note in the special instructions columns.
4. If you are adding busing to the IEP, please make sure you bring data with you to the IEP meaning to use when making the decision on specialized transportation. Then ME.