Impact of Technology on Education

Technology improves learning

Impact of Modern Technology

Over the past few years learning has had a major improvement because of the use of modern technology in the learning environment. There has been a major increase in the use of technology in students’ classrooms. With the use of this improved technology learning can be fun and easier for students.

Colleges use a lot of technology on campus in there library’s. Not only do they use it on campus but many colleges also allow you to take some online classes. The University of Gondar, one of the most prominent tertiary in Ethiopia, realized a positive effect from there online program of ITC on different interventions (Woreta). The University of Gondar also recognizes the bread positive effect of the program ITC on the equality of learning involved in the implementations of various interventions (Woreta). The University of Gondar has had major learning improvement since the use of their ITC program (Woreta).

Some negative things about the use of modern technology is one that many places face, it is slow data connection. Teachers across the country want to personalize learning through technology so that they can teach their students their personal way of learning information (Davis). Not only is it in one area but all over the country teachers have wanted to personalize technology to their standards of learning (Davis). A survey in 2010 by the FCC found that most schools had access to some form of broadband service but that nearly 80% didn’t have the adequate connections to their needs (Davis).

Learning is easier to students with internet access but what if you don’t have internet connection? Well some educational technology leaders see that the policy as a barrier to innovation and a better use of digital tools for learning (Davis). People without internet access are stopping innovations of digital tools for learning. In 2011 the FCC launched a 200site project called learning on the go it provided $20 million to experiment it on campus (Davis). The FCC also spent another $10 million on a project to test off campus wireless internet (Davis). The FCC is working with many programs to help students without internet access or new and improved technology to help these students have better education.


Technology has had a major improvement in the last few years and continues to do so today. The major spread of faster and better technology has helped a lot and with many company’s competing to come out with something faster it just helps students learn more. Technology makes learning fun and makes learning easier as well. Experiments of more technology will come and learning will just keep on improving every step of technologies growth.

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