Where My Family Fits

With my Great Grandpa: Albert Eugene Wagner

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My Grampa's dad

Albert Eugene Wagner

Monday, Dec. 23rd 1918 at 12am

Livingston, MT, United States

Livingston, Mt

Birth date

More about Albert Wagner

My Great Grampa, Albert Wagner, was a railroad engineer in dunsmuire. After a while when the engines were powerful lots of people lost there jobs. But he didn't

Important events

One important event that changed many peoples lives is WW||. During this war the axis powers and the allies were fighting. Another event is when engines got more powerful so trains could get up hills by themselves in dunsmuire so many people lost there jobs there.
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Family tree

We have a family tree of him and his children. My Grampa is also Albert Wagner but he is Albert Wagner || but mabey if he had boy children there would be Albert Wagner the ||| and ||||

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