AHS Weekly Happenings

November 16 - 20, 2015

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Razorback/LadyBack Sports Schedule

11/16 Hope 7G.8G.9G Basketball Home 5:00

11/16 Hope 7B.8B.9B Basketball Away 5:00

11/19 Ashdown 7G.8G A & B.9G Basketball Home 5:00

11/19 Ashdown 7B.8B.9B Basketball Away 5:00

11/23 Pleasant Grove 9G.JVG.VG Basketball Away 4:30

AHS Thanksgiving Pot Luck - Everyone Welcome!!

Wednesday, November 18

Freshman Academy Foyer


Tell Meshelle What You Are Bringing!

Interim Progress Reports!

IPRs will be open for maintenance in e-school on November 13 and will close November 19. You MUST have your load from gradebook done and saved before you leave work on Thursday, November 19. You will need to print your IPRs Thursday, and be prepared on November 20 to pass them out to your third period class. If you are new or have questions or concerns please contact your department head first, then if you still need help contact Gail Young.
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AHS Community Based Learning........Beyond These Walls.

Last week during the BOE visit our students in the Community Based Instruction (CBI) classroom led by Angie Bui and her team, did an amazing presentation. This class is designed for students that need intensive instruction in functional and daily living skills. In our Community Based Instruction (CBI) program our teachers are providing educational instruction in naturally occurring community environments providing our students with “real life experiences”. The goal is to provide a variety of hands on learning opportunities at all age levels to help students acquire the skills to live in the world today. Community is defined as the school, home and city community environments in the location the student lives. Students with cognitive challenges have difficulty generalizing or transferring information. When instruction is conducted with the actual materials in the natural environment where a functional skill is expected to be performed or the activity would occur, students progress at a greater rate. We hope to provide natural opportunities for Adult Living skills practice that is meaningful to our students. Concepts and skills that are introduced in the classroom are applied and practiced in natural environments in the community using CBI. These experiences allow students to see, hear, smell and do things in real life settings as opposed to simulated or artificial settings that are very abstract. Doing things in the natural environment is concrete, reinforcing, and assists in providing educational relevancy for the student. We want our students to be prepared to leave the school support system to adult life in the community. The community often becomes the primary educational environment as students age. Teaching these functional skills will be a bridge for individuals with disabilities to their communities. Community-Based Instruction enhances community inclusion with students without disabilities, employers, family and other community members, ultimately enhancing an individual’s quality of life. Community-based instruction occurs routinely, on a regularly scheduled basis (i.e., weekly, twice weekly, daily, etc.) and must be specifically related to IEP objectives.

At AHS reading, writing, language, math and science subjects are incorporated into functional activities. Students learn skills such as; money handling, counting change, how to pay for goods and services, banking, budgeting, time concepts, time management, planning and scheduling. Reading and writing skills are taught to enable students to use functional materials such as cookbooks, directions, applications, maps, schedules, planners, environmental signs and work related information. Students learn to use adaptive aids such as checklists, cue cards, picture symbols, and/or augmentative speech devices to assist them in successfully accessing community activities and resources.

Continue to help them on their journey by purchasing coffee and hot chocolate from them in the mornings and a lunch twice a month from their store, A Taste of Hog Heaven!

They will be the focus of our presentation at the BOE Meeting on Tuesday, November 17th at 6:00 pm. Please come out and support your students and school.

DECA Dress Up Week

Join us in dressing up this week.

America Monday - Red, White & Blue

Tourist Tuesday - Dress like a tourist

Wacky Western Wednesday - dress like a cowboy

Thursday - Dress like your favorite TV Star

Friday - Razorback Day

Senior Picture Retakes

Monday, Nov. 16th, 9am

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

Pictures will be taken at the Red Wall in the North Building. Students will be called for.

Arkansas Department of Education Visit

Monday, Nov. 16th, 10am

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

Conference Room

AHS Staff Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 4pm

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

Meeting will be in the Student Union.


Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 9am

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

Red Wall

Arkansas High Board Presentation..... Beyond These Walls!

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 6pm

3435 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

Please come and support our school.

Live Bowl Press Conference

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 10:30am

5200 Convention Plaza Drive

Texarkana, AR

DRACULA - Drama Department Production

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 7pm to Friday, Nov. 20th, 7pm

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

Student Union

$5.00 Ticket Price

Come out and support the Drama Department

Thanksgiving Vacation

Saturday, Nov. 21st, 12am to Sunday, Nov. 29th, 12am

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR