Please Stop Laughing at Me

By:Katarina Burkhammer

Summary of Book

Please Stop Laughing at Me is about trial,error and problem,but with a solution to the problem. The main character Jodee is constantly moving to schools because of one thing...bullying. She has been bullied at her schools for stupid reasons such as having friends that are different,not wanting to participate something that would/could hurt another's feelings,dissecting an dead animal,loving literature and having a body issue that she was born with (pg.227). In this book Jodee with tell all about her struggles and help make everyone understand BULLYING IS WRONG AND TO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!

Character Analysis

Jodee is the main character of 'Please Stop Laughing at Me'. She is a girl/teen that tells all about her sides/experiences of bullying (pgs.120,125,116,29 and many more). She talks about the struggles of her childhood,good friends and not good friends (pgs.28,57-61,217,184-185 and many more).


In my opinion I think there would be types of conflict Jodee had encountered in the book and that would be Character vs. Society and Character vs. Self. I chose Character vs. Society because it seemed that at any school Jodee went to her peers would pick on her for stupid reasons/unknown reasons. I chose Character vs. Self because it seemed that Jodee only yearned and that her purpose in her life was to be with the "popular kids". It also seemed that she hated the idea/thought of being with the "unpopular kids",she was "herself" but not actually being herself. Jodee needed friends that would stick up for her,be there when she needed it,help her out and she didn't need "friends" that would get her in trouble,put her in danger,put the blame on her and was only her "friend" to have more friends.


In my opinion I believe the theme of 'Please Stop Laughing at Me' would be not to judge a book by its cover. Jodee's peers judge her,but they didn't get to know her better.

Textual Evidence

I think there were at least four scenes that intrigued me the most. The first scene that really jumped at the most was on pgs.164 and 165,"'I'm going to cut out Dara's heart, and the hearts of everyone else who's hurt. I tighten my grip on the knife and begin cutting my face." These sentences on those two pages stuck to me the most because her bulling had driven her to cut her self and have to have the thought to do that. On pgs.116 and 117 Reese,Greg and Rickie called Jodee a wuss and Reese threw a piece of cement at her and started to beat her up. On pg.120 fifteen football players stuffed handfuls of snow in her mouth making her gag. Finally, on pg.115 a boy throws a deceased pig at her.

Book Review

After completing 'Please Stop Laughing at Me' I would rate this book a 3 or 4/5. I thought Jodee Blanco did a grand job using her experience and real-life situations. The only reason I gave it a 4/5 was that some situations seemed to be exaggerated a bit.

Multi-Media Sources

I would say this book is mostly about judging someone before you get to know them.