Freak the Mighty


Book title

Its it about two people who were friends when they were young. Then when they get older they see each other and ar really good friends. They were both outcasts and rejected by society.

Conflict and outcome- Man Vs. Society

They are outcasts. They get bullied and are not normal. People think Kevin is an a freak and that is why they call him freak. Max is very strong and tall. That is why he is called mighty.

Freak helps max turn his life around

He helps him when he is alone and everybody is being mean to him. He helps him get out of bad situations. He helps him with his school work.

Contrasts between the Caracters

Max is this large 8th grader and dosent know what to do with his life. Kevin is this small boy who has a deisses that makes your body not grow. Gwen is kevins mom and is very protective of her child. It relates to the story because kevin and max help each other when they need help with there lifes. Max needs a brain and kevin needs a pair of legs.
"I didn't have a brain until freak came along." Max Kane