Peter and the Star Catchers

By Conrad Hawley


I am the captain f the Seadevil and I'm the most feared pirate on the seas. I'm set on getting the. Booty from the Wasp. I'm going to use the "Ladies" to capture the Wasp. I take what I want.

Character Traits

A unpleasurable man "Shut up," said BlackStache. Pg. 33

A loud person " There she is!" Shouted BlackStache. Pg. 33

Over confident "So she thinks she can sting us,does she? Outrun us?" Pg. 33

A Judgmental person "Fine cabin Mr. Smee is it not?" pg. 130

Physical Traits

Strikingly unpleasant figure "with a pock marked face and a red nose,"pg. 33

Disoriented face " With a nose like a prize turnip," pg. 33

Greasy Hair "His jacket greasy from years without washing the long black hair," pg. 33

Bushy facial hair "He had dark deepset piercingly black eyes but they were so overshadowed by the bushiest eyebrows, so bushy he had to push them out of they way when he treid to look through the spy glass," pg. 33

The official Trunk Showing

Thursday, Oct. 2nd, 4:45pm

The Sea Devil

This is the official Trunk showing on my ship and you are here to see me put my name in history as the greatest Pirate of all time. Fear the Stache.