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Sunday August 17, 2020

Newspaper Project Advanced by Cayden Cather

Advice Column


Dear Cayden Cather,

My best friend told me that she has been staying out past curfew partying. Even if staying out past curfew isn't bad enough, there are boys there too. And to make it even worse, they're listening to ILLEGAL music. The way I see it, I have two options. Either turn her into authorities, or talk to her myself. I would hate to turn her in because she would probably get in trouble and have her procedure early, but I'm not sure if she would listen to me if I talked to her. I'm excited to hear what you think.

- Worried Friend (Lena)

Dear Worried Friend,

You shouldn't turn your friend into the authorities. You should talk her about it, but don't make it a big deal. Don't make this something that ruins your relationship. Spend as much time with her as you can, because you never know when she could get caught out past curfew. Plus, once the two of you are cured, you wont be as close friends as you are now. Don't ruin your friendship over a couple parties.

Cayden Cather

Persuasive Movie Review

The Wilds

The Wilds is a movie you HAVE to see, based on the book by Lauren Oliver, Delirium. Lena Halloway lives in a city where love is a disease, and she wants the cure because of what love did to her mother, killing her. Lena just wants to be normal; get the cure, get assigned her perfect match, and live like a normal person. She counts down the days until she gets the cure, until she meets he real perfect match. Watch and find out how Lena's best friend, Lena, and Alex completely change Lena's perspective on this "cure".

"The most dangerous sicknesses are those that make us believe we are well."- Lauren Oliver

Feature Article

There has recently been more and more uncured teens that haven't wanted the cure to this so called "disease", leaving us to wonder, if amor deliria nervosa, or love, really is so bad. If love was really so bad, wouldn't people be begging for the cure, not fighting to stay away from it. Just last week, some girl gave her life so she wouldn't be cured. She just slipped away from everybody, and jumped straight off of the dock. Some people have said the cure has made us worse than before the cure; at least then we had personalities. Do we really want this, for all of us to be emotionless people? Maybe these kids are right. Maybe this cure is destroying our society, not saving it.

In Memory of Alex Sheathes

Alex Sheathes, a member of the resistance, has recently died of gunshot. He was 19 years old at the time of death, and he was loved dearly by his girlfriend, Lena, and many others in the Wilds. He died freeing Lena from Portland so she wouldn't be cured from love. He sacrificed his life to save the love of his life's. Mr. Sheathes was a brave person who lived in Portland, but was born in the Wild. He risked his life, many time, going into the Wilds and coming back. He will be missed by everyone who got the chance to get to know him.

Delirium Crossword Puzzle


6. The smell of what reminds Lena of funerals

7. What is the name of the place where Lena's mom has been kept for many years

9. What is Lena's aunts name?

10. What is falling in love called


1. Where was Alex born?

2. What is Lena's best friends name?

3. What bites Lena during the raid at the party in the abandoned neighborhood?

4. What city does Lena live in?

5. What kind of animal does Alex admire while was young because of their freedom?

8. At Lena's evaluation, what animal runs through the room?

Classified Ad

Help Wanted

We are in need of skilled Regulators to watch the streets of uncured out past curfew or other illegal activities. There have been a number of uncured teens staying out past curfew and going to parties. The salary for a regulator is above average, because of how important this job is. There is a small amount of danger involved, but with proper training, hard work and dedication, you will be an outstanding regulator. To be a regulator, you need to be strong, fast, and comfortable swinging a club at someone if the opportunity comes. For an application, go to the nearest Regulator Station. You will need to bring your resume, and some people, picked randomly, will be interviewed. You will be contacted about the job sometime in the next week after applying for the job.