The Daily Scot

By: Eli Lindsey

Hospital Patient Dies at New Mega-Hospital

On Friday November 6th , at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland a patient died after suffering a cardiac arrest. The patient was forced to wait 6 hours before recieving treatment. Some doctors who were on sight claimed that there was a large amount of patients at the time forcing some to wait for treatment. The Queen Elizabeth University recently brought four hospitals together to create a Mega-Hospital which is why this incident was so shocking.

This incident is definitely going to lead to further patient waiting time protocols in hospitals everywhere. The BBC conducted many interviews with health officials who assured no blood was lost anywhere and the hospital is trying to solve waiting time issues. This incident raises more awareness for problems in the HealthCare system that need to be solved to offer the best treatment possible.

Plane Bombing Leaves Scots Waiting

A Russian plane was bombed after it took off and crashed killing all on board on November 5th. This left hundreds of Scots stranded in an airport in Egypt. Security concerns left all flights postponed. The BBC learned that COBRA, a group of head security officials, met up and decided to let flights out. Thomson Airways of Scotland sent out a special flight to retrieve those stuck in Egypt. The passengers will only be allowed certain baggage that will be examined thoroughly. They were flown out Friday evening with no problems.

This is just another event showing that more precautions need to be taken for flights, especially with all of the violence and terrorism ocurring. Investigators are yet to determine whether the flight was bombed by Russia or a terrorism group.

40 Students and 1 Teacher Collapse

At Outwood Academy School 27 students and a teacher reported feeling sick and faint before all collapsing. This incident happened at two o'clock on Wednesday Nov.11. The Express reported that all of the people affected were treated by Emergency Responders.

Outwood Academy has an earned reputation of being a "neat little school" according to the school's website.

Poison control teams did thorough tests and found no toxic chemicals. Fire Station Manager Dave Winspear said, "We are of the view the children just fainted and there was a ripple effect throughout the school."

This has been a first "good response" in a while for an Emergency Medical Team in awhile proving that there are good protocols in place for events such as these. It also shows that things like blood or fainting really can trigger bad responses and need to be watched carefully.

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