Asheville Primary Updates


Welcome Back Monday(Again)~Montessorians


On Monday, we will welcome back some of our Montessori students on campus. All of our back to campus videos are available on Seesaw for you to review.


Car/Walker 7:30-8 am arrival

Everyone dismissed at 1:30 pm

Parents, please send an individually wrapped store bought snack with your child each day.

Devices will stay on campus Monday through Thursday for safety.

You should have gotten an email from your teacher with specific directions for this coming week. It is important for safety that you arrive on your scheduled week. If you have any questions, please call the office at 350-2900.

We look forward to seeing you on campus or on the computer if you are staying remote.


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Thanks for donating!

Thank you, families, for the donations that are coming in to:

  • increase our seating for outdoors
  • keep our staff fed with snacks and treats
  • feeding our staff a delicious end of week lunch

If you would like to donate something special for our outdoor spaces or to show appreciation to our staff, please contact Polly Bolding at 350-2900.

How are you getting to school?

Check out the videos below for how you are getting to school and what the screening procedures look like. We will have several guests joining us from Central Office, so you may see some new faces on campus for our first day back.
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Watch this video to help you remember to give your friends some extra space for safety:

Two Meters Away - Social Distancing Song for Kids
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APS Study Spring 2021

This is the study that will be the basis of the public hearing at Tuesday's meeting.

A public hearing allows the Board to hear stakeholder concerns, thoughts, and opinions. Board members will not engage speakers in a dialogue or answer questions but may seek clarification. Speakers will have 3 minutes each, however, a speaker representing at least 10 named individuals will be permitted up to 10 minutes to address the Board. To ensure safety, individuals have two choices to provide input: 1) speakers may appear in-person but attendance in the room will be limited and speakers may not be able to remain in the room after making their comments, and 2) individuals can send their comments in advance by email to this address: Emailed comments will not be read but will be provided to all Board members and, as public records, all emailed comments will be posted on the Board’s website. A draft study is available at the link above.
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