My opinion on Andrew Jackson.


The Trail of Tears.

Andrew Jackson made the Natives move off there own land after the Supreme court said that Jackson had to leave them alone. He forced all the natives to Oklahoma. On the trip, which was over 1000 miles, almost half the natives died.When the rest of the natives arrived, lots died of sickness and starvation.Jackson did not care.

The 1828 and 1832 Tariffs.

Jackson wanted to influence people to buy American stuff,so he placed a tariff on all imported goods.This was not that big of a problem for the north, because of their factorys, but the south was furious.They could not order stuff from the north,because it would take too long.they depended on imports.South Carolina almost seceded from the us, but Jackson sent in the military to make them pay the taxes.He lowered the tax a small amount so South Carolina would be happy.

The shutdown of the National Bank.

Jackson decided one day that because he felt it only helped the rich class. Since he was all for the common man, he had to do something. Also, just in time to make him want to close the bank more, he saw Henry Clay was for the bank. He shut the bank down early, because he did not want it to get renewed.

Jackson The First.

Andrew Jackson was acting just like the king of England and abusing his powers,The Supreme court, and the Constitution.

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