4th Grade Happenings

What's going on in the 4th grade wing?

Important Dates!

Monday, September 7- Labor Day, no school.

Sunday, September 13- Rosh Hashanah begins

Sunday, September 27- Family Fun Fest!

please refer to the SAS website for more info!

Welcome to 4th Grade!

We hope that the beginning of school is off to a great start for you, your 4th grader, and your whole family. It's certainly a transition to earlier wake ups, bedtimes, and a more structured schedule. We know that coming back to school can be a challenge, so we have purposely started the year with lots of fun and engaging activities for our students. The goal for the first couple of weeks of 4th grade is to build community and get to know each other. We've had great fun doing so, and would like to share some of what we've done.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your patience with morning and afternoon carpool! We know this is a major change, and we really appreciate your patience as we try to work through the kinks of the system. Remember, you can park and pick up your child by the 4th grade doors at 3:15 or send them to BTC if you prefer. THANK YOU so much!

Please remember that the whole 4th grade is NUT FREE. The students are receiving a healthy morning snack every day from SAGE. If you send in additional snacks, please be sure that they are totally nut free. Thank you!

We hope your student has been sharing his/her lunch experience! The food is fantastic, and the SAGE staff is working very hard to achieve maximum efficiency. We encourage the kids to try new foods, but we make sure that they are eating enough to sustain their energy for our busy days. Please ask if you have any questions about our fantastic new lunch program!

Academic Updates

Language Arts

Last week, all students wrote a paragraph about their best summer memory. They will share their story with each other. We are also delving into the first issue of Scholastic magazine, which serves as a springboard for writing opportunities. For homework, students are expected to be reading 20 minutes every evening in a book of their choosing. This week we will begin our Extended Novel Studies (ENS) book, Bridge to Terabithia. We will be reading the book in class and discussing it in ENS. Ms. Sauer will be leading projects based on the book.


As you can see from the pictures above, we've been busy exploring math! In addition to the activities in the pictures, we've also played a fun race car game, which encourages kids to use 3 numbers drawn at random to equal 0 through 10. They may use any math operation, but they have to use the same 3 numbers. It's tough! We are focusing on Multiplication for the next few weeks and will have all kinds of engaging activities to strengthen that important skill. We will also be working in the Dreambox computer program that was used last year, as well as Model Drawing problem solving. Want to learn more about that? Check out the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Mrz1t2PvDQ
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Social Studies

I am so excited to begin our Social Studies program! We will begin transitioning classes after Labor Day. Social Studies will begin with the regions of Texas. Our guiding question will be "What makes the regions of Texas the same and different?" Students will receive a textbook to keep at home and return at the end of the year. Our first project will be to design a postcard from a particular region of Texas naming highlights and areas of interest. The project will be made at school. We will start our Geography studies with a look at cardinal directions. - Ms. Madiedo


We will begin this year in Science with the study of the brain using The Mind That’s Mine curriculum created by Dr. Mel Levine. Within this unit the children will conduct a brain research, play Target Tag, and participate in a variety of hands on activities that explore how our brains work.

We are hoping to include a visit by a pathologist who will bring in a human brain for the students to examine.

There also will be an in-class project for the students to complete which will incorporate the use of Google Draw.

It will be an exciting start to the year in the world of Science!

-Mrs. Hunt


I am ready to start ENS and can not wait to get to know all of the fabulous fourth graders! This year in ENS or Extended Novel Studies, we will be reading three class novels. We will start with Bridge to Terabithia, then move to The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn, and end the year with Maniac Magee! We will be exploring the story elements of each novel and will do many creative hands-on activities to help us understand the characters, plot, theme, setting, and conflict. I'm ready to get started! -Ms. Sauer
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Physical Education

In PE class we are spending the first two weeks of school going over all the rules, expectations, and warm-up routines with all of the 4th graders together, while also having fun playing many group games. Next week we will fitness test the 4th graders. Once all of that is done we will divide them by homeroom and begin our two week skill rotations that include jumproping, throwing and catching, and striking skills.


In art class we have started off the year with a painting project studying line and contour. Giraffe paintings of yourself as a football player, a ballerina, an artist..... Artists are having a great time playing while they explore and paint. Soon, they will be designing the covers of their A.C.B.s (Awesome Creativity Books) which will aid in inspiration for creative writing projects as well as our new STEAM Lab. We will then begin our construction prototype project for Inventions That Make the World a Better Place.- Ms. Melear


In Music, we are beginning the year with fun and review of notation in preparation for playing barred instruments and recorders. We will be adding the ukulele to our instrumental repertoire very soon! - Ms. Bourland


4th Grade focuses on the development of the "tools" of the actor: the voice, the body and the imagination. We begin by exploring technical and creative use of voice. Students learn tongue twisters as a practice in articulation and create scenes using a "stage whisper" to further their use of strong voices. Soon, we will move into the exploration of old time "Radio Plays" as a fun way to work with character voice and sound. - Ms. Zivin

Maker's Lab

We have really been enjoying our time in the Maker's Lab. We have been designing projects using marshmallows and spaghetti. The kids have been learning how to design and implement a project. We'll get some pictures next time we're in there, it's an amazing place to explore and discover!
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